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My name is Vickie. I started my first online shop with an overall Quote store. Designing products to inspire, motivate, laugh and encourage. I realized soon that I needed to expand my Christian section into it's own store. Which has been an absolute joy. Designing and making products for the glory and love of the Lord...there's just been nothing better. I've experienced God's love in a very deep unexplainable way in my life through several different trials...there simply are no words for the experience itself. Once you feel the love of God on a soul level... everything aligns, all things matter. Every single moment matters. Every breath matters. Every thing truly becomes one. Every single second is a second that God loves you, so much more than can ever be written or explained.

My hope is to spread the love, the joy and peace of God in the one way I know how right now. Right now, that's designing.  I pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all my work. Let them see You in me, Lord. In me. In my work. In every stroke, letter, accent, thought and creation. You are my God. As my parents sing,
"Lord help me be what you want me to be,
Lord help me do what you want me to do,
Lord help me live in the center of your will"

As you browse my store, if you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact me for a custom design. I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Remember, Jesus loves you. Have a blessed day!

Christian Quotes Shop

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